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Smile to the Line

Zachary Ornelas Coaching

"Improve your life one finish line at a time"



Zachary Ornelas

I started running when I was 6 years old.  Since then, the sport has taken me all over the world and introduced me to so many people, including my wife.​  I have learned so much in my 22 years of running, perhaps the most important thing being to enjoy the process and take things one mile at a time.  Working with me won't simply be focused on improving athletically, but will also be focused on being joyous in the pursuit of your goals.

I have competed for Team USA in the World Mountain Running Championships, the World Trail Running Championships, and the World 50k Road Championships.  I have finished top 30 at The Boston Marathon and the New York City Marathon and am competing in the Olympic Trials Marathon in February 2020 with a qualifying time of 2:17:21.  I am sponsored by Run Detroit, Tracksmith, and Nuun Hydration.


What Are Your Goals?

I have experience competing at the highest level of the sport from 5k to the ultra on every surface.  I'm happy to heLp you specialize or crush it on all surfaces and in all distances!

Trail in Woods

Whether it's your first trail 5k, or a Sky Race, I can help you meet your goals on the trail.  I have been selected to compete on 3 US trail teams while living in an area with few trails and fewer hills.

Desert Road

From finishing your first 5k to getting that BQ, I can help you become a road warrior!  I have finished in the top 30 at Boston and NYC and can even help talk you through the course!

Hiking Trail

Want to go far? From 50k to 100 miles, I can help you get ready to spend hours on the course of your choice.


The Bottom Line

You pay monthly, that way should things like life/injury get in the way, we can take a break until you're ready to go. I'm not trying to charge for services not fulfilled, and I will work with you with what makes sense for your budget.  This isn't a "contacting me is extra $" service. I will try to respond as the demands of my teaching job and running allows.  I want you to be a friend, not just a client!
Zachary Ornelas


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